BWMini PSG Highlights:

  • Amplifier Designed for Type 3 HST (27 Channels)
  • Upgradable to Type 2 HST and In-lab Type 1 PSG
  • Also upgradable to Ambulatory EEG
  • Hardware is light weight and portable Perfect for HST or in-lab PSG
  • LCD screen displays electronic impedance, study, and battery status
  • Up to 3 days of recording with the same set of batteries
  • Non-proprietary connectors/cables
  • BWAnalysis Software suite
  • Synchronized high-quality video (optional)
  • 3 Built-in DC channels directly on the amplifier allow integration of auxiliary devices (CPAP/Capnography)
  • Built-in Nonin xPod Pulse Oximeter Module


The BWMini HST is a 12 channel type 3 HST device which can be upgraded to Type II and full PSG type I device.



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