• Full Routine EEG and PSG functionally, which allow user to perform both clinical EEG and PSG from the same hardware
    and software platform
  •  Hardware is light-weight and portable and can be transported from one location to another seamlessly via carrying case or permanently installed in a sleep lab environment
  • Dual electrode/sleep sensor inputs on the head box and amplifier provide sleep techs with flexibility and troubleshooting options
  • Built-in bedside Impedance check directly from Amplifier allow techs to verify the impedance status without having to leave patient side
  • 8 Built-in DC channels directly from the amplifier allow integration of auxiliary devices (CPAP/Capnography)
  • Built-in Pressure Transducer on both head box and amplifier
  • Built-in Nonin Pulse Oximeter Module


The BWIII amplifier is equipped with 50 channels and combines full EEG and PSG monitoring into one state of the art system.



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